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Screwless Eyewear Since 1996

Screwless sheetmetal eyewear since 1996. The finest quality screwless eyewear for those who value individuality over conformity.

Hand-made in Germany, pioneered in Berlin!

Ultralight & Comfortable Yet So Strong

Ic! berlin glasses are naked, authentic and raw: designed with passion, produced with technical precision and handcrafted with love from the highest quality materials in Berlin. 100% Made in Germany. The ingenius interlocking hinge holds frame and temple together with a removable clip, meaning ic! berlin glasses can be broken down into their individual parts and reassembled quickly, easily and without any extra tools. No screws, no glues, no witchcraft. Pure design.


We use only dependable lens technology and manufacture our own Internal Freeform Lenses. We also invest in the comprehensive diagnostic instruments and develop relationships with suppliers to obtain affordable pricing for our patients. 

Frames & Sunglasses

Hello New Brand!

Junior & Youth

Protective Eyewear

Eyeglasses Lenses

Contact Lenses


Some eyes require specialty contact lenses to meet their vision and comfort needs. At EyeWorld Optometry, we pride ourselves in offering variety of specialty contact lenses with accuracy and efficiency using the latest technology. Our experienced professionals will optimize the fit and of the lenses and monitor the progress of vision correction.

Eye Health Products

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